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Here are some of the available tent sizes. All tents can be upsize in increments of 10' feet.

10’x10’ 15'x15' 20'x20' 30'x30' 40’x40’
10'x20' 15'x30' 20'x30' 30'x40' 40’x50’
10'x30' 15'x40' 20'x40' 30'x50' 40’x60’
10'x40'   20'x50' 30'x50' 40’x70’
10'x50'   20'x60' 30'x60' 40’x80’
10'x60'   20'x70'   40'x90'
10'x70'   20'x80'   40'x100'
10'x80'   20'x90'   40'x110'
10'x90'   20'x100'   40'x120'

Clear Tents

10’x10’ 20'x20' 30'x30' 40’x40’
10’x20’ 20'x20' 30'x40' 40’x50’
10’x20’ 20'x20' 30'x40' 40’x50’
10’x30’ 20'x40' 30'x50' 40’x60’
20'x50' 30'x60' 40’x70’
20'x60' 40’x80’

Larger sizes available, please call one of our specialist for more information 805-653-6518.

Canopies & Tents
Market Tent 20ftx20ftMarket Tent 20ftx20ft
Pop-Up CanopyPop-Up Canopy
Tent Accessories
Clear Panorama Side WallClear Panorama Side Wall
Window Side WallsWindow Side Walls
White Solid Side WallWhite Solid Side Wall
Tent Draping & Leg Drapes

Tent Draping Is Available For Our 40' x 40', 40 x 60', and our 40' x 80' tents.

Leg Drape 3Leg Drape 3
Tent Draping Available for 40x40 40x60 40x80 TentsTent Draping Available for 40x40 40x60 40x80 Tents
Tent Lighting
5 Bulb White Tent Chandilier5 Globe Tent Chandilier

4 Bulb White Tent Chandilier4 Bulb White Tent Chandilier
8 Bulb Brass Chandelier8 Bulb Brass Chandelier

Perimiter LightingPerimiter Lighting

String lighting 15in Spacing 2in Clear BulbsString lighting 15" Spacing 2" Clear Bulbs
Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguisher
No Smoking SignNo Smoking Sign
No Smoking SignNo Smoking Sign